There’s no better way to tell your bartender you’ve had a rough day then by ordering a boilermaker. The beer with a shot of booze “cocktail” may seem more of a prescription than a sipper…that is, until now. At K’ya, a beachside bistro in Laguna, a mix of Japanese whisky and Japanese beer is a boilermaker that dares you to stop in and give it a try. It’s named after a cheeky Final Fantasy video game character, The Cloud Strife.

Sometimes the best pairings are comprised of the simplest ingredients in their purest forms, and The Cloud Strife is as straightforward as it comes. Two glasses are delivered to your table, seemingly naked and shivering, perhaps bashful at exposing their naughty bits. The 12-ounce Coedo Pilsner tries to cover up, applying layers of frost to the glass, fogging up the view of its golden body and bubbles rising madly to the top. The Suntory Toki Whisky sits docile and motionless, perhaps playing possum, asking you politely to drink the beer first and save the best for last.

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